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SuperSaver Canada's money saving reputation combined with its direct home distribution frequency assures that the advertisers message is received and read. The reader in each distribution area becomes familiar with the savings and information contained in each publication.


Choose geographic areas and production specifications to suit each clients needs and budget.


Each advertisement is designed and produced to attract the clients prime prospects and achieve maximum results.


Low all inclusive costs and an immediate market distribution ensures greater repetition, maximizing frequency and penetration.


Clients pay only a fraction of the cost, while enjoying all the benefits of full colour direct distribution print advertising.


Repeat client rate of over 90% makes SuperSaver Canada leader in the advertising industry.


The right product with the right message by each client = RESULTS! Only SuperSaver Canada can offer the client the results that they are looking for at a fraction of the cost that they would normally pay for full colour direct distribution print advertising.


SuperSaver Canada posts all issues on-line at All issues are available to be printed from the web site.

Direct Mail is a preferred advertising vehicle for the future! Overall opinions of companies that use direct mail are more positive than for companies that use other direct marketing media. You'll love how good we make you look. Our full colour format produced on high gloss paper stock, naturally makes a better impression with consumers than loose inserts, black and white newspaper ads, or envelopes stuffed with loose coupons. We work closely with your business to create your full colour ad for this attractive magazine format, with proven readership, usage, effectiveness and staying power. Independent research and the experience of our advertising clients have shown typical consumers of SuperSaver Canada magazine keep the latest issue for 6 to 8 weeks. And, they thumb through it over and over again whenever they're looking for extra savings. Readily disposable media like newspapers, shoppers and lose coupons just don't compare. Your ads have great shelf life. And, if you want your business better known now and best positioned when consumers are in the market to spend money on your kind of product or service, consistent presence with SuperSaver Canada will prove to be quite profitable for you.


SuperSaver Canada has become the medium of choice for marketers who want a better return on their advertising investment. It enables you to promote your products and services and communicate your message directly to targeted neighbourhoods. Plus it arrives in the uncluttered and welcomed environment of the mail so people can read it when they want to.

Businesses and organizations of all sizes can use this advertising medium to:
• Offer discounts and increase sales;
• Increase your visibility;
• Increase in-store traffic;
• Encourage consumers to try your products and services;
• Increase the image of your business;
• Generate leads for your sales force;
• Hold contests;
• Multimedia website support;
Direct Mail lets you break through the advertising clutter!

As compared with other methods of direct marketing, Canadians most welcome direct mail and pay the most attention to it.

We've done the hard part for you! Use the "Search Deals In Your Area" section to find what's available in your area. For personal assistance call our referral line and speak with one of our SuperSaver Canada professionals.

Call us today. 613-521-5983 payment options - SuperSaveraCanada